Chinyere Chukwudi-Okeh
Network Treasurer 

In 2022, Chinyere Chukwudi-Okeh graduated with distinction for her MA Creative Writing from Swansea University. She works with the African Community Centre as the Project Manager for HarMINDise. In addition, she's also overseen various projects, including Diverse Voices, for Race Council Cymru. 

Chinyere is a Nigerian published author and storyteller who also delivers creative ballads in spoken word. More recently she has facilitated and transcribed the stories of women from the African and Asian diaspora for Honno Press' forthcoming 'Integrated: Women's personal stories of courage and displacement in Wales' anthology. 
Chinyere has published: 'From the Crevices of Corps Hearts' (Paressia Publishers), anthological writings in short story collection titled 'International Sisi Eko' and poetry collection, 'Soro Soke.' She is also a regular reviewer and contributor to Nation Cymru. 

Gemma June Howell 
Network Director

Dr Gemma June Howell is a grass-roots activist, editor, writer, poet, academic and co-founder of the Cardiff Sisters of Solidarity. 
She began performing and publishing with the Red Poets over 20 years ago, with poetry in several anthologies, as well as appearing in Bloodaxe Books (2015) and The London Magazine (2020). She’s also published a volume of poetry, 'Rock Life: 17 Poems from the Welsh Valleys' (2015) and 'Inside the Treacle Well,' a collection of short stories (Hafan Books: 2009).

She is also Desk Editor at Honno, Welsh Women's Press and Associate Editor for Culture Matters, she edited Land of Change — a vibrant prose anthology which reflects the diversity of contemporary Wales. 

Her debut novel, The Crazy Truth, derived from her PhD in Creative & Critical Writing at Swansea University, is due for release by Seren Books on May 2024.

Rhoda Thomas

Rhoda Thomas is a founding member of Swansea-based Live Poets, providing a platform and support to Welsh radical writers and performers. She has self-published a life-advice compendium and 5 books of poetry. Her work is included in publications such as Red Poets, Seventh Quarry, Poetry in the Brew (Nashville), Coronaverse, Onward/Ymlaen!  Gwrthryfel/Uprising, Land of Change, Social Work Education, Socialist Worker and Socialist Review. 

Rhoda has two Masters degrees – in Applied Psychology and Cultural Awareness, and has taught social workers, counsellors and doctors over 4 decades. She is currently working on her autobiography covering 40 years of life and activism in Wales.

Emilia Hussey
Executive Assistant

After graduating with a history degree from the University of Bristol in 2021, Emilia Hussey set her sights on the publishing industry. 

Starting as a volunteer book reviewer at an independent publishing company, she progressed to a marketing assistant role before ultimately overseeing the book review service where she began as a volunteer. Now based in London, she’s a Data Assistant for a publishing copyright company.

Laura McAllister

Professor Laura McAllister is a Professor of Public Policy and the Governance of Wales at Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre. She is an expert on devolution, Welsh politics and elections, public policy and the representation of women in politics.

She is a former Chair of Sport Wales and board member of UK Sport, a current Director of the Football Association of Wales Trust, Deputy Chair of UEFA Women’s Football Committee, and former Wales international captain with 24 caps.